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Girls 9th-12th Grade Sr. Rec League

Trevor Busby - Commissioner


This program is only available to players that live in the Edina boundries or go to school in Edina.

Please note: the EBA House VP's and Board Members decide how many practices and games for each team.  We take feedback from previous years, along with ref costs, gym costs, gym availability from our district, safety, along with players additional school activities to make the best decision for the players and program.  Parents, coaches, and players asking for changes at any time which include adding, subtracting, changing game times, practice times and, cancelling refs, will not be honored unless there are extenuating circumstances and they do not negatively affect the EBA and others.  We do not reschedule or extend the season with games or practices due to school closures.

For all in-house and recreational league teams, parents will coach (ie:head coach and (assistant coach - if needed) and MUST COMPLETE AND PASS a concussion training video and background check. The EBA allows one head coach and one assistant coach to be registered. This keeps our costs in line with registration fees when paying for background checks.

Senior House league girls participate in the West Metro League.

Players must either live in Edina or go to school at an Edina school.

Link to Game schedule

Games are played in Minnetonka or Eden Prairie, on Sunday mornings. All games are refereed by certified officials and a league coordinator will also be present to help oversee and handle any issues.

The season starts in early December with practices and games and ends in mid-late March with a season ending tournament.  

Practices are held at an Edina gym one night per week.

Team formation is dependent on the number of players registered. A minimum of eight players must register to field one team. Multiple teams will be created as warranted.

Each player will receive a basketball jersey. Players are expected to bring their own basketballs to practices/games.

Registration Fees