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The EBA has partnered with the Edina Community Foundation and its Connect Card Program to administer available financial aid to eligible community members.

Financial aid will be given to those who:

A) Currently have an active Connect Card or,

B) Complete an application and are approved for the Connect Card Program.

Connect Card applications must be approved by the ECF in advance of the EBA’s registration deadline for its programs:

  • Travel Programs - September 16, 2021
  • House and Rec Programs - October 7, 2021
  • 9th-12th Rec Programs - Nov 27, 2021

If your family qualifies for the Connect Card Program, financial aid will be provided in the following amounts:

* Travel families are also responsible for uniform and shooter shirt purchase ~ $130, personal equipment (shoes, bag, basketball, etc.), any extra apparel, entrance fees to tournaments (typically $5 to $10 per person) and any expenses for an out-of-town tournament (gas, lodging, meals, etc.).

** Additional financial aid may be available through Edina Give and Go. CLICK HERE for more information or contact them directly at 952-848-GIVE. Financial aid provided by Edina Give and Go will be processed manually and not through the EBA’s registration system, so please email if you have applied.