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The Edina Basketball Association is committed to promoting an environment that fosters a superior level of sportsmanship in the participation of athletic events. The following policy applies to all players in EBA activities and is intended to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants.

The EBA is committed to providing all participants in the program an enjoyable basketball experience. To achieve that the EBA must take steps to ensure that players conduct themselves appropriately. Players that fail to meet these guidelines will be subject to sanctions as determined by their coach and/or the EBA Executive Board. The general guidelines are as follows:

  • Players are expected to read and understand the EBA Player Code of Conduct

  • Players are expected to arrive at all practices and games on time, dressed, and ready to play as directed by the coach. Teams need to use the full practice time for productive skills, drills, and scrimmages. 

  • If a player is going to be late or miss a practice or game, he/she and/or his/her parents must notify the coach reasonably in advance so that the coach can plan accordingly. If a player misses consecutive practices prior to a game or tournament, the coach has discretion to limit playing time.

  • Winning is positive and rewarding. However, we encourage our players to focus on having fun, developing their basketball skills, and working together with their teammates and coaches. 

  • Players must adhere to a team concept in practices and games and must commit to hustling on both offense and defense. Selfish play and lack of hustle will not be tolerated. 

  • The EBA endorses the policy that "coaches coach, players play, referees officiate, and parents cheer."

  • Sportsmanship is very important. I will treat my coach, other players and referees with respect. Yelling, swearing, trash-talking, and negative questioning of officials, opponents, or coaches is absolutely not tolerated by our organization. Players who exhibit unsportsmanlike behavior can be removed from game(s) or tournament(s) at the discretion of the coaches, referees and/or tournament officials. 

  • Players must behave properly at all basketball facilities. This includes staying within the designated practice gyms and not roaming through the schools, adhering to the posted rules at all tournaments (i.e. not bouncing balls in common areas), and not interfering with other games in progress. 

  • I will also show sportsmanship after a game towards my opponent whether my team has won or lost.

  • I will act respectfully towards my coach and accept his/her direction with respect.

  • I agree not to use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. 

  • Players who do not adhere to the EBA Player Code of Conduct (including attending all practices, playing team basketball, running plays as directed by the coach, hustling at all times, etc.) may be subject to reduced playing time, at the discretion of the coach.

  • I fully understand that I am subject to suspension or termination from the EBA and my team if I am found in violation of the EBA Code of Player Conduct.