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The Edina Basketball Association, is committed to promoting an environment that fosters a superior level of sportsmanship in the participation of athletic events. The following policy applies to all participants in EBA athletic activities, including parents, guardians, and spectators and is intended to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants.

The EBA is committed to providing all participants in the program an enjoyable basketball experience. To achieve that the EBA must take steps to ensure that coaches, parents and family members conduct themselves appropriately. In recent years the EBA has had to deal with coaches and parents whose behavior fell short of our expectations. Individuals that fail to meet these guidelines will be subject to sanctions as determined by the EBA Executive Board. The general guidelines are as follows: 

  • Parents are expected to read and support the EBA Code of Conduct. 

  • Parents are expected to pay all program dues during registration.  Players will not be able to begin practices with their team until they are registered and paid in full. 

  • Parents are expected to get their player to practices and games on time, ready to play both mentally and physically. If a player is going to miss a practice or game, the parent must notify the coach ahead of time so that the coach can plan accordingly. 

  • Parents will let the officials call the game even if they make what the parent perceives as bad or unfair calls. The parent understands that profanity, abusive language and personal remarks towards officials will not be tolerated.

  • Parents will let the coach do the coaching. If the parent has an objection to the method or process of the coach, the parent will speak to the coach at an appropriate time and place. An appropriate time is a time other than a tournament or game and an appropriate place is a private place. The parent will observe the "24 Hour Rule". If the parent feel it is still warranted to talk to the coach the parent will do so no less than 24 hours later. If the parent feels the matter is not resolved, the parent will speak to the Vice President of the appropriate EBA Program. 

  • Parents must refrain from yelling or questioning referees and from coaching from the sidelines. These activities detract from the game, distract and confuse players, negatively affect team play, make our organization and community look bad, and probably embarrass your player. THESE ACTIVITIES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED BY THE EBA.

  • Parents will treat the game for what it is - just a game. The parent understands that the players are watching his/her actions and reactions as a role model. The parent will strive to be a positive role model. The parent will teach sportsmanship through actions.

  • Parents will remind their child to treat other players, coaches and fans with respect even in the "heat of battle." The parent will respect the rules of the facilities in which the players play and practice.

  • Anyone that instigates any physical contact or confrontation with a player, coach, official, or another parent or family member before, during or after any game will be subject to an immediate and permanent ban from attending or participating in any EBA activity.

  • As a participant in a sports association directed by volunteers and a program for the benefit of the children, parents will support and assist the program as able. Support and assistance will include helping at EBA sponsored tournaments and events.

  • I understand that any failure to comply with the EBA Code of Conduct may result in removal from games or participation in the program temporarily or for an extended period of time for myself and/or my child.