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Change Team: 


> 1. Sportsmanship is very important. I will treat my coach, other 

> players and referees with respect. That means that profanity, abusive 

> language and intimidating behavior are not allowed. I will show 

> sportsmanship by the way I talk and act towards other players and 

> referees. I will also show sportsmanship after a game towards my 

> opponent whether my team has won or lost.

> 2. I will act respectfully towards my coach and accept his direction 

> with respect.

> 3. I agree not to use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco . 

> 4. I will review the guidelines for players regarding equipment, 

> practices, and game attendance. I will respect and obey the rules 

> applicable to the facilities in which I practice and play.

> 5. I fully understand that I am subject to suspension or termination 

> from the EBA and my team if I am found in violation of this contract.