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The e-News is the EBA's monthly (or as needed) mass e-mail communication that highlights various topics throughout the the year related to your family's participation in the programs we offer. It is our goal to cover a variety of topics (latest news, event details, deadlines, etc.) in a clear and concise way so that our families stay informed throughout the year. Should you have any questions, comments or concerns about the e-News, please contact  .

To download a recent e-News, simply click one of the links below. 

EBA e-News for June 2022

EBA e-News for April 2022

EBA e-News for December 2021

EBA e-News for November 2021

EBA e-News for October 2021

EBA e-News for August 2021

EBA e-News for July 2021

EBA e-News for June 2021

EBA e-News for May 2021