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The Edina Basketball Association (EBA) is non-profit organization which is governed by a Board of Directors, mostly made up of parents with kids in the program and or non parent paid coaches, that meet monthly to discuss the on going efforts to maintain our EBA Park and Rec program in its entirety.  Our purpose is to deliver basketball opportunities for boys and girls, grades K-12th grade who live in, and/or attend school in Edina no matter what their skill level.

Our goals are to instill good sportsmanship, learn the values of being on a team, skill development,  and community development, all while having fun.  

The Edina Basketball Association maintains on a yearly/seasonal basis, approximately 1,400 players in our programs.  The programs we offer include House and Rec Leagues for K-12th graders and a traveling league for 4th through 8th grade. 

Please note, we do not sell or provide your email information to anyone outside of the EBA that does not pertain to your team or your coach and manager during the season.