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January 25-26, 2020

Tournament Brackets


Gym Locations

Please do not park illegally. Use only designated parking spots.

Edina Police are ticketing

(Southview Middle School & Edina Community Center)
Southview Middle School (Southview Middle School-1 Southview Middle School-2 Southview Middle School-3 Southview Middle School-4)

4725 Southview Lane
Enter door 11 (West side of school) for games in SV1,  SV2 & SV 3 gyms (Green Lot)
Enter door 1 (Southeast side of school) for games SV4 gyms ( Southview lot)


Edina Community Center (Edina Community Center-1 Edina Community Center-2 Edina Community Center-3)

5701 Normandale Road
Enter door 8 (nearest the football stadium) – Gold Lot


(Valley View Middle School & Edina High School)

Valley View Middle School (Valley View Middle School-1 Valley View Middle School-2 Valley View Middle School-3)

6745 Valley View Road

Enter door 25 and park in the East Valley View MS lot
(Corner of Valley View Road and Antrim Road)


Edina High School Edina H.S.- HS 7 & 8 ( Old main Gym), Edina H.S.- FH 5 & 6 (Field House)

Edina H.S.- AC 1, 2,3 & N4 Gyms ( Edina Activity Center)

​Enter door 6.  This is the only entrance into the high school, this is the ADA entrance.

​Please park in the North High school lot or South High School lot

EHS Gym Key

Tournament Rules

4th grade will play with 27.5 inch ball and 15 foot free throw line


Certified Athletic Trainers from Twin Cities Orthopedics will be at each site



$7 Adults, $ 5 Child and Senior.  Under 5 free
If you have games in multiple locations, please make sure that you get a stamp at the admissions desk

Concessionswill be at all locations