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1st & 2nd Grade In-house League

Contact: Derek Johnson



The Edina 1st & 2nd Grade Basketball League is offered to all first and second grade boys and girls who live in and/or attend school in Edina.

Program Focus
The focus of the Edina 1st & 2nd Grade Basketball League is to teach basketball skills including passing, defense, dribbling, shooting, basic techniques and coordination, and build upon the basics learned in the Kindergarten League. The 1st & 2nd Grade League encourages a positive learning environment, helps build confidence and self-esteem and provides positive feedback while striving for success.

Registration opens end of August and closes mid-October. After that date, late registrations may be accepted, however a $25 late fee will be charged. Any registrations after the close of registration will be placed on a waitlist. Any kids on a wait list are not guaranteed team placement.


Teams will be divided as follows: 1st/2nd Grade girls will play together (team make-up will be half 1st graders, half 2nd graders); 1st Grade Boys teams, 2nd Grade Boys teams. Whenever possible, teams will be selected from the same general neighborhood area and/or schools. Kids are not allowed to "play up".  During registration, each player is allowed one MUTUAL play-with request. A play-with request must be mutual between two players. If the request is not mutual, there is no guarantee of placement on the same team. Your child may be placed on a team where he doesn't know all of the kids. Please embrace that and let your child meet and play on a team with kids from other schools.

The 1st & 2nd Grade League is a parent-coached program, so volunteer coaches are needed. All coaches will need to register on our website, go through a background check and complete an online video about concussion management. Each coach will receive a coaching manual that will include practice plans and information to help with teaching the correct fundamentals of the game.

Season Length

The season will begin in late November/early December and run through late February/early March.


Practices will be scheduled throughout the season on Wednesday evenings and rarely Monday evenings when weather or holidays have interfered with a Wednesday scheduled practice.


Games will be held on Saturdays throughout the season for the 1st & 2nd Grade players. These Saturday games are played on rotating times at one of the elementary schools in Edina between 8:00am and 2:00pm. Games are played in a 3-on-3 format.


3-on-3 Game Rules

·         Two half court games will run in each gym (roughly half of each team per side).

·         Games are two 20-minute running time periods.

·         Half time length is to be no more than 5 minutes and can be eliminated if game is behind schedule.

·         Time outs are not allowed.

·         Unlimited substitution after made baskets or when ball is not in play.

·         Scoring: 2 points per basket inside the arc. 3 points per basket outside the arc.

·         Fouls: When called, play resets at the top of the arch. No free throws.

o    Stealing off the dribble is not allowed. Stealing of a pass is allowed.

o    No blocking shots.

o    Defense cannot extend beyond the 3 point line.

·         Change of position:

o    Following a made basket or dead ball, the other team can check the ball in anywhere behind the arc. - Both feet and the ball must go outside of the 3-pt line at a change of possession.

o    A ball that goes out of bounds under the basket is checked in behind the arc. The half-court line is out of bounds.

o    Defense gets all jump balls.

o    A defensive rebound must be taken past the arc (this includes air balls).

o    No stalling.

·         Basketball hoop heights

o    1st Grade Boys : 8 Feet

o    1st & 2nd Grade Girls: 8 Feet

o    2nd Grade Boys: 9 Feet

·         "Paper, rock, scissors" (PRS) will determine which team gets the ball first.

·         Coaches and/or parent volunteers will monitor clock/time and serve as refs to ensure rules are being followed

·         No scores will be recorded.

Each player will receive a basketball jersey. Parents need to provide a junior-sized basketball (27.5 inches). Kids should bring their basketballs to practices.


Parent Responsibility
While your child is practicing/playing, you are responsible for the actions of your other children. Do not let them freely roam the schools.  They should be with you at all times.

Rosters & Schedules
Please use the dropdowns on the EBA's website (under the TEAMS tab) for all rosters. Schedules will be posted on the team pages.

The EBA will coordinate a photo day during the season.


The EBA's policy states that once teams are formed no refunds will be given except with a doctor's written excuse or a move out of the district.