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Cody Skarning - Commissioner


This program is open to players who live in Edina and/or attend school in Edina. The focus of the 1st & 2nd Grade House program is to teach basketball skills including passing, defense, dribbling, shooting, basic techniques, and coordination, and build upon the basics learned in the Kindergarten League. The 1st & 2nd Grade League encourages a positive learning environment, helps build confidence and self-esteem, and provides positive feedback while striving for success. 


Registration opens September 1, 2021 and runs through October 7, 2021.  CLICK HERE to register. 

Fees: $185

Late Registration: After registration closes, late registrations may be accepted, however a $25 late fee will be charged. Any registrations after the close of registration will be placed on a waitlist. Any kids on a waitlist are not guaranteed team placement.

Refunds: Refunds are available until registration closes but are subject to a $25 admin fee. After registration closes, refunds will be granted at the discretion of the EBA (minus the $25 admin fee and any applicable late fee).




September 1

Registration Opens

October 7

Registration Closes

October 22

Late Registration Closes

Week of November 8

Rosters Posted

Late November/Early December

First Week of Practice

Late February/Early March

Final Week of Season



Once registration is closed, teams will be formed.  Typically, there are 8-10 players on a team, although at times there may be a need to have more. 

Teams will be divided as follows: 1st/2nd Grade girls will play together (team make-up will be half 1st graders, half 2nd graders); 1st Grade Boys teams, 2nd Grade Boys teams. Players are not allowed to “play-up.” 

In forming the team, the EBA will honor one (1) mutual play-with request per player.  Only mutual (both players request each other) play-in requests can be honored. Multiple play-with requests or “daisy chain” requests cannot be honored.  

Once all play-with requests are satisfied, teams are formed by taking into consideration where the child attends school.   Please note, this does not mean that every player on every team will be from the same school, but we will make every effort to ensure multiple kids from the same school are on a given team. 

Late registrations are added to teams to round out rosters.  There is no mutual play-with request for late registrars. 


The 1st & 2nd Grade House League coaches are parent volunteers.  Ideally each team will have two coaches, a head coach and an assistant coach. Parent coaches will be coaching their child’s team. Please consider volunteering your talents and time as a head or assistant coach. CLICK HERE to register as a coach. 

Per Edina Parks & Recreation Department rules, all coaches are required go through a background check and complete an online video regarding concussion management. 


The season will begin in late November/early December and run through late February/early March. 


Practices will be scheduled throughout the season on Wednesday evenings and rarely Monday evenings when weather or holidays have interfered with a Wednesday scheduled practice.  Practices will generally be scheduled for 45 minutes with start times beginning at 6:15PM, 7:00PM, and 7:45PM. 


Games will be held on Saturdays throughout the season for the 1st & 2nd Grade players. These Saturday games are played on rotating times at one of the elementary schools in Edina between 8:00am and 2:00pm. Games are played in a 3-on-3 format. CLICK HERE for game rules. 


Each player will receive a basketball jersey. Parents need to provide a junior-sized basketball (27.5 inches). Kids should bring their basketball to practices. 


While your child is practicing/playing, you are responsible for the actions of your other children. Do not let them freely roam the schools. They should be with you at all times. 


Please use the dropdowns on the EBA's website (under the TEAMS tab) for all rosters. Schedules will be posted on the team pages. 


The EBA will coordinate a photo day during the season. 


Joe Burger Clinics for Boys - CLICK HERE for more information. 
Jaime Gaard Chapman Clinics for Girls - CLICK HERE for more information.