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Travel Program

Bryan Dye - VP Boys Travel

Scott Phinney - VP Girls Travel

What there is to know about travel and the financial commitment

The EBA's Travel program is designed to give 4th-8th grade kids who live and/or attend school in Edina, the opportunity to play against stronger competition. It is expected that participation on a Travel team will be the player's primary extra-curricular activity during the travel season. At no time can a player play on an additional MYAS competing team during the EBA basketball season.

Participating in travel basketball is a privilege requiring a significant time commitment from the player and their family. If participants are unable to make that commitment, they should not participate in the travel program.

Please keep in mind the costs associated with travel outside of EBA registration fees and uniforms.  There are entrance fees into most tournaments during the basketball season that range from $7.00-$8.00 for adults and $5.00-$6.00 for students and seniors, but can change at any time.  Our 5th-8th grade travel players have a tournament in St. Cloud towards the end of our season (Feb) that currently has the farthest travel distance for families.  Parents have the option of getting a room in St. Cloud which they are responsible for paying, or they may choose to drive daily. Travel players are expected to participate in this tournament.

Depending on the timing of when you join our travel program, you may end up having to also purchase a travel uniform which is in addition to our travel and tryout fees. That cost is approximately $99.00 - $150.00.  Our cycle for having a mandatory uniform purchase for all teams/players is after wearing the uniform for a two year cycle, then going into the third season the uniform will be a new complete set. This includes the jersey, shorts and shooter shirt. In between the cycle of not ordering new uniforms, all travel players must purchase every year the travel shooter shirt. The shooter shirt allows us to have local sponsors financially support our program to help offset our gym fees and operating costs by advertising on the back of the shooter shirts.  Please let us know if you would like to be a sponsor.


Important Upcoming dates

Travel Registration opens August 1, 2019

Travel Registration closes Sept 26, 2019


Online Travel Uniform/Shooter Shirt Store


It is highly recommended that you size these shooter shirts on Sunday, Sept 29 at the sizing event during tryouts. If you need an EBA travel uniform (or pieces of the uniform) the store closes on Oct 2, 2019.


Online Travel Spirit Wear Store

Open 9/10 - 10/9/2019


Items will be available at the Travel tryouts on Sept 29 to size

All items are custom ordered.

The Boys and Girls VP's and board members decide how many practices each travel team receives in the season. We take feedback from previous years, along with gym costs, gym availability from our district, safety, along with players additional school activities to make the best decision for the players and program. Parents, coaches, players asking for changes at any time which include adding practices will not be honored unless there are extenuating circumstances and they do not negatively affect the EBA and others. We do not reschedule or extend the season with games or practices due to school closures. Thank you.

This is not to be confused with us wanting constructive criticism and feedback during the season.