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EBA Traveling Basketball Policies of Operation


1. Travel Basketball

Travel basketball requires an increased commitment to the game and to the team by each player.  Players must go to school or reside in Edina to be eligible to play for the EBA (see Participation Policy).  Players may not be placed on a traveling team until fourth grade.  No player may try out for a team above their grade level.  There is no guarantee that a player is placed on a travel team.

A.  Number of Teams

The EBA reserves the right to limit or expand the number of travel teams per grade based on player talent, available gym space for practices, and coaching resources.

The girls travel program will have two to three 4th grade teams.  Generally, there are three teams for 5th through 8th grade, which is ultimately dependent upon the number of girls trying out as well as the talent level of the players.

The boys travel program consists of three 4th grade teams.  Generally, there are four teams for 5th through 8th grade, which is ultimately dependent upon the number of boys trying out as well as the talent level of the players.

B.  Number of Players Per Team

Unless otherwise determined by the EBA Executive Committee, teams will have no fewer than 8 players and no more than 10 players.

C. Evaluations       

  1. Evaluations will be used to measure each individual’s talent and skill level, as well as the depth of the talent pool in each grade.
  2. The respective high school coaches and EBA travel directors run and oversee the tryout and evaluation process.
  3. The EBA, with input from the respective Edina high school coaches, hires independent, third-party evaluators, all of whom have playing and coaching experience. The evaluators will individually evaluate each player.
  4. Paid coaches are highly encouraged to attend and will be in the gyms during the tryouts.  Coaches do not have input in the player evaluations.
  5. Parents, even those coaching a travel team shall not participate in evaluations or team selection.
  6. Board members do not have input on the evaluations or team selection, but will be at the tryout location to help with the administration of the tryouts.
  7. During the evaluations parents will be asked to leave the tryout location and cannot have contact with evaluators, coaches, or players.
  8. The duration of tryouts, the number of tryout sessions, drills used, and specific evaluation criteria may differ slightly between age group and between the boys and girls programs due to various factors, including the number of participants and talent level of the overall age group.
  9. Rules for the girls and boys tryout and evaluation process will be published on the EBA website prior to evaluations.

D. Missing Evaluations

A player may only miss evaluations due to illness, injury, or a family emergency.  Should a player be excused from participating in evaluations, then the player may be placed on an appropriate team based upon several factors, such as prior team selection and feedback from prior coaches. 

E.  No Guarantee to Make a Team

The EBA is not able to place every player on a travel basketball team.  The EBA will place those players who did not make a traveling team in the house league.


2. Coaches

A.  Coaching Qualifications

The EBA strives to hire the most qualified coaches for our traveling teams. The coaches are to meet the following criteria:

  • Superior knowledge of basketball rules, individual skills and fundamentals, and team play.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Ability to teach and motivate players to develop specific basketball and relationship skills.
  • Measuring their own success based on their ability to improve all participants as both basketball players and teammates.
  • Experience coaching travel basketball and youth basketball.
  • Positive reinforcement and patient attitude.
  • Proper perspective and balance of motivating the team and each player with sportsmanship.
Parent coaching applicants will only be considered for 4th grade and shall be unpaid provided they meet the foregoing criteria.  Parent coaching assignments will not be determined until after the tryout and team formation.


B.  Coaching Compensation.

Non-parent head coaches will be paid by the EBA.  Starting salary shall be set by the Board and shall be fixed for travel head coaches in their first, second, and third consecutive years with the EBA.  Coaches shall be paid twice per season, once before Christmas and the second time after the season is concluded.  Assistant coaches are not paid positions, but head coaches may opt to allocate some portion of their compensation to an assistant.  The board reserves the right to additionally compensate a coach after seven years of service provided his or her performance has been consistently superior.  The EBA will also reimburse the head coach’s two-night room cost at the out-of-town tournament in St. Cloud.  Assistant coaches’ hotel rooms will not be paid for by the EBA.


C.  Background Check and Coaches Code of Conduct

  1. The EBA will screen the background of all coaches, assistant coaches, and parent coaches, prior to their assignment and coaching the team. Individuals that do not pass the background check will not be permitted to coach in the EBA.
  2. Each coach must adhere to the Coaches’ Code of Conduct, which is provided to them by the respective travel director.  The Code of Conduct will be posted on the EBA website.
  3. Each coach must complete the Center for Disease Control’s Concussion Training Course.
  4. Each team will have one head coach.
  5. An assistant coach, if selected by the head coach, must be approved by the travel director and complete a background check and the concussion training.
  6. The Executive Committee will address allegations of inappropriate coach behavior on a case-by-case basis.

D.  Coaches using parents to assist with team administration

  •   Coaches often assign a team manager to help with communication and overall coordination of team events and activities
  •   Coaches may choose to allow parents to attend / assist with practice.  On occasion, a coach may ask a parent to run practice if he/she has a conflict.
  •    Parents on the bench.  Coaches may choose to utilize parents to help with stats and/or the scorebook.  Parents will not have input on player substitutions or the amount of playing time. 


3. Registration Deadlines, Cost of Participation, and Refunds

A.  Registration

The EBA will post on the EBA website registration deadlines for boys and girls traveling basketball.

B.  Cost

The EBA will determine the cost of participation prior to each year’s registration and shall post the cost on the EBA website.  The cost posted includes the basic registration fee, travel tryout fee, and season’s travel fees which is based primarily upon meeting the EBA’s expenses pertaining to tournament registrations, gym space and coaches.  Financial aid to help defray the registration fee is available to families on a case-by-case basis (generally those utilizing the Free/Reduced Lunch Program).  Any costs above and beyond the registration fee are the responsibility of the parent/guardian. This may include uniform costs, extra tournament costs, admission fees at tournaments, out-of-town tournament hotel costs, etc. The parent seeking the aid should contact the EBA administrator for the specific qualification standards.  All inquiries and aid provided will be kept confidential.

C.  Refunds

If a player is not selected for a traveling team, the registration fee (minus the tryout fee) will be applied to the fee for the applicable EBA house program and any fee collected in excess of the house program fees shall be refunded.  If a player is not selected for a traveling team and does not want to play in the EBA house program, then the registration fee shall be refunded.  If a player is selected for a travel team, no refund of fees will be made for any reason.


4. Attendance, Equitable Playing Time, and Tournaments
A.  Attendance and Practice Conduct
  • Attendance at games and practices is mandatory and takes precedence over all other sports and other activities.  An absence from a game or practice is excused provided the head coach is notified in advance and the absence is due to injury, illness, scheduled school or church activity, or serious illness or death of a family member.  Missing practice and/or games, unless absolutely necessary, adversely impacts the rest of the team’s practice and game preparation.  Repeated misses of practice may result in reduced playing time in subsequent games.
  • Practices are intended to be fun, productive, learning opportunities.  Players are required to give their coach their complete attention and respect during practices.
B.  Playing Time
  • Equal playing time is not guaranteed.  Playing time shall be awarded equitably.  Playing time is based upon performance, attendance, effort, focus, attitude, and execution of specific individual and teamwork skills.
  • The EBA guideline is that each player should receive a minimum of 40% of the total team playing time over the course of a tournament. Although this allows for coach's discretion, our coach/coaches are reminded that traveling basketball's purpose is to provide skill development, game experience, and a positive experience to each member of a team during each game.
C.  Tournaments
  • Each team in 5th through 8th grade will typically play 11 tournaments each year.  4th Grade teams will play in approximately 9 tournaments each year.  Teams may opt to play in additional tournaments, however the payment of any additional tournaments is up to the team parents.


5.  Edina Classic Basketball Tournaments

Each year the EBA proudly presents an invitational boys and girls tournament on separate weekends.  The tournaments are essential to the EBA in order generate funds necessary to make the traveling program more affordable to Edina families.

Parents are required to work assigned shifts for each participating travel player.  Schedules for a parent’s work shift will be posted in advance for each tournament.  Traveling families will be assessed an additional $100 fee if they are unable to cover their shift assignments or find suitable replacements.   The EBA provides a list of students who may be hired as replacements to work shifts during the tournament. The rate of pay is at least $10/hour.  Payment should be made prior to the work shift.  Payment should be worked out directly with the student.


6.  Conflict Resolution

A.  Throughout Evaluations

Issues or conflicts regarding team selection should be immediately directed to the appropriate boys or girls traveling director.  Absent a resolution, the matter shall be referred to the Executive Committee for consideration and final resolution.

B.  During the Season

Issues or conflicts, after team selection, including, but not limited to playing time, conflicts among players, coaches, and/or parents, and any other team or individual related matters shall be resolved through the following procedure:


(1) Players and parents should first discuss the matter with the team’s head coach.

(2) If the issue cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties, the matter should be presented to the appropriate traveling director for boys or girls travel.

(3) If the issue still cannot be satisfactorily resolved, the matter should be presented to the EBA Executive Committee for consideration and final resolution.