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The Edina Basketball Association's social media sites are operated by the Edina Basketball Association. We welcome any and all comments and interaction on these pages. However, posts will be moderated. Posters shall not misrepresent their identity nor impersonate any person. The EBA reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, and/or delete comments or posts, photos and videos at any time.

Comments associated with unlawful activity or that contain offensive of vulgar language or photos, personal attacks on players, families, coaches, referees, volunteers or board member of Edina, political endorsements of any kind, links to outside websites, commercial advertisements or any other form of commercial solicitation will not be posted.

The EBA does not take requests from people wanting content, events, videos, pictures or comments posted to any of its social media sites, including the City's website. The views, posting or opinions expressed by others on social media and civic engagement sites do not necessarily reflect those of the EBA.

The EBA does not endorse any product, service, company or organization advertising or promoting posts on social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat. The ads or promoted posted that appear on EBA social pages are sold, posted and maintained by Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat - not by the EBA.

Please note the EBA does not share information gathered through its social media sites or website with third parties for promotional purposes.

Guidelines and Conduct for Board Members

You are a board member for Edina Basketball Association and we understand you may have personal social media accounts where you tweet, Instagram, Pin, Facebook post and Snapchat

Use Good Judgement

1. Make sure that board business has been made public in our board meeting notes on our website before posting information

2. Self disclose and make sure everyone knows you represent the EBA before linking to the EBA website or content directly 

3. Don't share private conversations.

4. Don't give out personal information about board members, participating families, players, coaches or volunteers

5. Don't post discriminatory, harassing remarks, threats or violent language. It won't be tolerated. Period.

Be Responsible

1. Be choosy about weighing in. There are some topics, situations and games where emotions run high and the conversation can quickly morph into something you don't want to be a part of 

2. Be thoughtful. Always identify your thoughts as your own and remember that social news is viral in nature and travel fast. What you write can be seen by anyone, anywhere, at any time. Keep in mind that children will see what you share and everyone’s definition of offensive is a little different.

3. Be honest and transparent. Don’t copy or infringe on someone else’s thoughts or ideas without attribution.

4. The basketball community is small. Posting positive, fun or congratulatory remarks about others in the community will be shared.

5. Once you hit send, its out there. Forever. The delete option within social media is a farce.