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EBA Traveling Basketball Program Participation Policy (Effective 09/01/2015)


A. The Edina Basketball Association mission is to deliver a diverse range of well managed basketball programs to the families living within the Edina High School enrollment boundaries as well as the city of Edina. The EBA strives to provide a quality athletic experience to kids of all ages and capabilities with a focus on sportsmanship.

1. The organization exists for the residents who live within the community. The organization should exist to help develop, teach, train, coach, and motivate all families that live within the EBA area.

2. At no time should athletes be allowed in from other associations to help form a “stacked team”.

3. An outside player must demonstrate that there is a need based reason to participate in EBA. The EBA Board of Directors will consider the following reasons:

  1. Players that have played for EBA, but move out of the area AND the player remains in Edina schools;  
  2. Player lives with a guardian at least 50% of time and the guardian lives in EBA area;
  3. Players local basketball association does not offer traveling basketball;
  4. A three year history of EBA involvement and prior Edina area residency; 
  5. Players must physically move into the EBA boundary prior to tryouts. Intention to move is not sufficient 


  1. Traveling participants that reside outside EBA’s boundary must adhere to the following guidelines, every year, prior to registering:

1. The player must have a signed waiver from their local association.

2. The player must fill out and submit a request to the EBA Board of Directors for approval.

3. If players from outside the EBA area are approved to try out, they are not guaranteed placement on a team. First consideration will be for EBA players and then for waivered players, even if it results in placement on a lower level team.


  1. Players that reside or go to school in Edina that wish to play for another neighboring travel organization will require a waiver signed by the EBA to participate.   Waivers must be approved each year by the EBA Board and will be considered for the following reasons:
  1. Player attended EBA travel tryouts, but was not placed on an EBA travel team.
  1. Player is restricted from participation in the EBA program.
  1. Player has previously received a waiver for a qualifying reason (#1 or #2 above) and would like to continue playing for their new organization.


Please note: an EBA signed waiver does not guarantee that the other travel organization will allow the player to participate in their program.