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Bryan Dye, VP of Boys Travel


The Travel program is designed to give 4th-8th grade boys with more advanced basketball skills the opportunity to play against other communities in a more competitive environment. This program is open to boys who live in Edina and/or attend school in Edina. 

Participating in travel basketball requires a significant time commitment from the player and their family and should be the player’s primary athletic extra-curricular activity during the travel season. At no time can a player play on an additional MYAS competing team during the EBA basketball season.


Registration opens at noon on August 1 and runs through Thursday, September 24, 2020. Unfortunately, late registrations will not be accepted. CLICK HERE to register.

NO GATE FEE TOURNAMENT MODEL: In light of COVID-19, this year many youth basketball associations modified the format of their travel tournaments to a “No Gate Fee” model. Under this model, hosting associations (ex: Minnetonka) charge more up front for teams to register in their tournament so that spectators (ex: Edina families) can attend without paying admission fees. This helps limit waiting in lines and the need for money to change hands.

FEES: Travel registration fees will remain the same as last year except that, as described above, there will be a pre-paid gate fee amount added to our travel registration cost which will effectively pre-pay your admissions at the No Gate Fee tournaments. To date, the majority of the boys’ tournaments we plan to attend have implemented this model. We will communicate which ones are No Gate Fee tournaments once the schedule is finalized. Please also note that due to COVID-19, most of this season’s tournaments (whether No Gate Fee or not) will likely need to limit the number of spectators.

Base Fee
$          205
$          205
Tryout Fee
$            25
$            25
Travel Fee
$          295
$          450
Travel Cost*
$          525
$          680
Pre-Paid Gate Fee
$          140
$          140
Total Cost
$          665
$          820
* No increase in travel cost from last season 


ADDITIONAL COSTS: Parents should be aware that there are additional costs for participating in the travel program that are their responsibility. Additional costs include uniforms, admission fees for tournaments that don’t operate under the No Gate Fee Model (usually $6-8/adult, $4-5/child per day), expenses of traveling to and from tournaments, and overnight lodging and food costs at the St. Cloud tournament in late February for 5th-8th grade teams.

REFUNDS: Once teams are formed, all refunds are subject to the sole discretion of the EBA board, and if a refund is determined acceptable, a $25.00 admin fee will be imposed. Players who are not selected for the Travel Program will be automatically enrolled in our House Program. There is no need to re-register. Also, the travel fee, pre-paid gate fee, and uniform fee will be refunded back to you.


The travel program requires that all participants purchase a complete uniform (jersey and shorts) every two years and a shooter shirt every year. The cost of the uniform ranges from $75 to $100 while the shooter shirt ranges from $20 to $30. Uniforms and shooter shirts are purchased directly from our apparel provider. Please note that it may be necessary to purchase a uniform in consecutive years depending on when your player joins the travel program. In addition to being a nice-looking warm-up shirt for our players, the back of the shooter shirt will include the logo of one or more of the sponsors who support the EBA. CLICK HERE for sponsorship information.


To ensure a fair, unbiased, and independent review of each player, the EBA uses independent evaluators during boys travel tryouts. Our evaluators have extensive basketball backgrounds including experience conducting youth traveling basketball tryouts. Combined with our varsity boys head coach and staff conducting drills around dribbling, passing, shooting, and game situations, our evaluators have an opportunity to complete as accurate an assessment of our players as possible over the course of the tryouts. CLICK HERE for detailed information about the tryout process.


There will be two, optional pre-tryout clinics offered by the high school coaches on Tuesday, September 22 and Thursday, September 24 at South View Middle School. These clinics are meant to give players the opportunity experience the drills that will be used during the tryout process. The cost for these clinics is $30. CLICK HERE to register.*

* Edina Football Association Participants: There will be a separate, optional pre-tryout clinic on Sunday, September 20 specifically for boys who play football. These players should not attend the September 22 or 24 clinics. We do not want you to miss football for an optional EBA clinic. CLICK HERE to register.


Presently, we are planning to hold tryouts on Saturday, September 26 and Sunday, September 27 at South View Middle School and/or the Edina Community Center. Team rosters for the 4th grade will be posted on the EBA's website on Monday, September 28 after 6pm. There will be an additional session for 5th-8th grade on Sunday, October 4 to determine team placement. Traditionally, 2-4 teams for each grade are formed, with 9 players on the A team and 10 on the B and C teams. CLICK HERE to download the Tryout schedules.


Parent coaches are used in 4th grade. Coaches in 4th grade will not be determined until the completion of tryouts and formation of the 4th grade teams.  Paid coaches are used in 5th-8th grade. In rare cases, parent coaches may be used for these grades as well. All coaches will receive a mandatory background check, concussion training, and coaching clinics throughout the season.


Provided the player is not repeatedly absent, working hard and appropriately engaged during practices and games, the EBA guideline is equitable playing time. Any absence due to illness, injury, or religious, school, or family event should be communicated ahead of time.

4th-5th Grade: Each player should receive a minimum of 40% of the total team playing time over the course of the season.  Although this allows for coach's discretion, our coaches are reminded that traveling basketball's purpose is to provide skill development, game experience, and a positive experience to each member of a team.

6th-8th Grade: Same as 4th-5th grade except there is no minimum percentage. Coaches have discretion on playing time per player but are encouraged to have equitable playing time.


5th-8th grade boys travel teams compete in 12 tournaments and 4th competes in 11. Tournaments will be pre-scheduled by the EBA. This includes one additional tournament during the season paid for and scheduled by the EBA. Tournaments are held on weekends and games may be played on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Tournaments begin in early November and conclude in early March. CLICK HERE for the tournament schedule.


Due to district restictions on large gatherings, our Travel Parent Meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday, September 15 from 7:00 to 8:30pm will now be conducted virtually. The details for this meeting are still being finalized and will be communicated once the format has been determined.