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In effort to provide additional basketball opportunities for youth in Edina, the EBA partners with a few key entities like the Edina High School boys and girls programs, Will DeBerg (EHS Class of '09) and Legacy Hoops in Hopkins. Programs that are offered by these entities are optional. Additional entities are also listed in this area as a resource to EBA participants, not as an endorsement. The EBA strongly encourages families to research these entities before signing up for a program. Please contact with any questions.


Jon Bryant Summer Camps (Boys Only)

Grades K-1 (day): Summer Camp

Grades 2-3 (day): Summer Camp

Grades 4-6 (day): Summer Camp

Grades 7-9 (day): Summer Camp


Dre Jefferson Summer Camps and Clinics (Girls Only)

Grades K-4 (day): Skills Clinic

Grades 5-8 (day): Skills Clinic

Grades K-8 (day): Summer Camp


Will DeBerg Summer Camps and Clinics

Summer Camp and League (Boys 3rd-9th Grade)

Summer Camp (Girls 3rd-8th Grade)

Summer Clinics (Boys 2nd-8th Grade)

Summer Clinics (Girls 4th-8th Grade)

Summer Camp (Boys K-3rd Grade)

Little Dribblers (Boys and Girls K-2nd Grade)


Legacy Hoops Academy (Formerly 43 Hoops)

Grades K-8 (day): Camps and Clinics for Boys and Girls 



Arrowood Basketball Camps for Boys and Girls

Catalyst Training with Reid Ouse

Gustavus Basketball & Leadership Camp for Boys and Girls

Johnny Tauer Championship Basketball Camps for Boys

Lynch Basketball Camps for Boys and Girls

Midwest 3 on 3 Summer Leagues for Boys and Girls

Minnesota Developmental Basketball Camps for Boys and Girls

PGC Basketball Camps for Boys and Girls